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indian fry bread recipe

Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Indian fry bread recipes used to be a part of the staple diet for predominantly for Native American people in the United States of America.

Indian fry bread seems to find a permanent place in all the state fairs across the US.

The history of the Indian fry bread recipe dates back to the eighteenth century. The Navajo’s are the native tribes of United States of America and they used to plant crops in the fertile lands.

They mostly carried on trade with Spanish, Apache Indians, and Mexicans, who were considered the pioneers of trade in that era.

But during 1840’s they tried to capture the land of the Navajo, and numerous disagreements took the shape of a battle.

 indian fry bread

Many people of Navajo were captured and held captive for four years and during this time the government only supplied salt, sugar, flour, and yeast; these simple ingredients gave birth to the Indian fry bread recipe.  

How are Indian fry bread recipes utilized? The fried bread is converted into Indian tacos when a topping of beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and beef is spread over the bread.


The Indian fry bread recipe not only serves as the base for Indian tacos, but it can also be relished with a dollop of jelly. One can also sprinkle powdered sugar over the bread, and devour it as a snack.


Indian Fried Bread Recipes


It is quite simple to prepare this type of bread and the ingredients required are readily available in many kitchens. Even the procedure is not lengthy as it only requires about fifteen minutes for the preparation!   


indian fried bread 

One version of an Indian fry bread recipe is as follows: ingredients include a half tablespoon of salt, three quarter cup of water, two tablespoon of baking powder, one tablespoon of vegetable oil, and two cups of flour.


Next, all the ingredients should be mixed together.

Next, dough is to be made in the form of small balls which eventually need to be flattened like pancakes, and a hole needs to be poked at the centre of pancake shaped dough.


Then, oil should be added to the frying pan and the dough should be fried until both its sides color gets transformed into golden brown.


Lastly, they should be placed on tissue papers so that the excess oil can be absorbed efficiently. 

  indian bread

That’s it! Your relatively simple and straightforward Indian fry bread recipe! We also provided a video for you above, for further explanation!